Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You asked for it.

Welcome. So yeah, this is a blog about a bunch of things related to shopping, and fashion, and “beauty” (by which I mean the construction of standardized ideals of beauty through the application of makeup—woo-hoo!). I hope you enjoy reading it, even if you’re not the sort of person who gives a toss about any of this stuff—and I certainly welcome contrary opinions. What I hope to do here is illustrate that a person who enjoys these pursuits isn’t necessarily young, or stupid, or wealthy, or superficial, or a victim of the patriarchy. I don’t think I’m any of those things. Okay, well maybe a little bit superficial. They don’t call me Fancy Lady for nothin’.

In the meantime, your suggestions would go a long way to making this whole project more interesting. What do you want to read about? How to put on eyeliner that doesn’t look like you let a four-year-old do it? The very best stuff to buy at the drugstore? Product reviews? How to put together million-dollar outfits that cost $9.75? I am utterly at your service.

Fancy xo

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